Affordable Flooring Idea: Travertine Tiles

2 (1)So, why go for travertine?

It is much more affordable to use natural stone materials in remodeling projects. Especially travertine, which is a kind of limestone and is an ideal flooring materials for interior and exterior purposes. Travertine does give a non-skid, rustic, less maintenance, affordable, durable natural flooring option to both homeowners and contractors.

Travertine tiles are available as small as 1″x1″ to as large as 36″x36″. They are also available in french pattern which comes in combination of 4 sizes..1×1 and 2×2 sizes that comes on meshes and can be used for shower floors, backsplashes, accent pieces and borders. Larger sizes are ideal for walls and floors.

Travertine tiles comes with different finishes: filled honed, unfilled honed, unfilled brushed chiseled edge, tumbled edge, polished. The most common ones are filled honed finish. They are mainly used for interior walls and floor. Unfilled brushed chiseled edge finish are ideal for interior or exterior projects. Tumbled finish are also ideal for interior and exterior use.

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